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Majros, the cow, lives on a small farm in the middle of the Swedish forests oblivious to the struggles of the outside world - until genetically engineered chemicals spread across the farm. All animals and plants mutate and gain human-like consciousness and the farmer, who witnessed it all, is kidnapped by agents from the evil agrochemical corporation. So, Majros sets out on a rescue mission following a trail of the chemical ooze. On her adventure she unravels conspiracies, battles social injustices and comes face to face with environmental disaster. Forced to leave her safe bubble, Majros learns that no cow or story is only black and white and that she cannot make it alone against the insidious corporation.

Key features

Play as a sarcastic cow in this udderly amoosing 2D adventure with:

  • Colourful hand-drawn graphics,
  • A simple one-click interface,
  • Roughly 8 hours of varied gameplay,
  • A graphical quest log, hot-spot highlighters and mini-map fast-travel,
  • And tons of clever references and story-rich characters.

Install info:

MAC: If the game doesn't start because of an "unidentified developer" or “can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. " you can open the application like this:

  1. Right click the app icon.
  2. Choose Open from the shortcut menu. 
  3. Click Open in the dialogue window.

About Insanto Studios

A Trail of Ooze is the debut adventure game of Insanto Studios, a four-people indie game studio from Sweden, Germany and Northern Ireland.


A Trail of Ooze - Demo v1.4 (Mac).zip 271 MB
A Trail of Ooze - Demo v1.4 (Win).zip 262 MB

Development log


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This demo is so good!
If you like Point-n-Click games give it a try; I really enjoyed it!